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Slide system telemedyczny technologia w służbie Twojego zdrowia! DocDroid
how to take care of your health

constantly on the run

advanced mobile application to analyze and improve your health. the integration of wearables and IoT ensures continuous monitoring and data analysis


thanks to the use of modern technologies, the processing of collected data allows to correlate the most important health parameters to improve the quality of life


a system for healthcare professionals to monitor patients health parameters.

new technology

in your pocket

modern technology enables data analysis without the need to use powerful data centers. analyzes data directly using the power of a modern smartphone processor, while ensuring the desired privacy

thanks to the computing power available only to one user through his smartphone, the system analyzes the data from wearables, entered by the user and takes into account external data (weather conditions, season, allergens) to use artificial intelligence to predict changes in health and warn the user about adverse conditions

the system extends the scope of services provided by professionals to an unprecedented quality, constant monitoring not only during chronic therapies, but also remote medical or training advice, information exchange between specialists based on available and analyzed data

real telemedicine system

system components

data center

dedicated to each user, data center in his pocket - a smartphone

data analysis

processing of collected data directly by the application


the highest standards of privacy ensured by encrypting key data when sharing with professionals


control of the health condition and basic medical data of the closest family members


access to specialists, rapid diagnosis, better and longer life


unlimited access to the services offered


our team

Paweł Kowalik
CFO of DocDroid
Konstantin Koulechov
CTO of DocDroid
Dominik Wasąg
CEO of DocDroid